Roofing through the years

It is amazing that not too long ago roofing in Naples Florida was simply tar and straw. In fact in many places of the world that is still the method.

There are a few companies who still offer the tar and pebbles method as well. Hot mess it is however water can’t penetrate it. That is until it starts to crack under the hot sun.

The advance of science has improved the methodology of roofing with easier to apply, longer lasting and safer (greener) methods.

TPO is a new method where you can now toll out sheets of non seamed sheets of propylene fibers. These sheets can then be welded together which for once can create a long lasting shield against water.

A roof over your head is preferable no? Well of course. We all want to know we won’t get wet. Or pooped on.

Things like this are what makes the world keep moving forward and the economy humming.

As for Naples Florida businesses can how look more appealing to customers and be able to cut cost which then can be passed on down to the customer.

Naples Florida also has residential homes too of course. Tile is a big item as well as architectural shingles. Homes are generally really up there in the real estate as well.

Roofing is grand in Naples.