How to pick a catering company

Choosing the best Catering Company for your wedding

One thing we all need for our weddings is food. Back in the day when things were simpler people would have friends and family bring meals for the reception. I personally like this method since it seems more inclusive and personal. In fact for my wedding we did this very thing. We brought in certain foods and then had other parts prepared. It was a nice combination.

However in this day and age no one really cooks anymore. Also many don’t want to saddle anyone with that type of work when you just want them to be there and enjoy the day.

This leaves the advantage a catering company brings you. Catering companies have been around for centuries in various fashion. Sometimes it was just a group of people who worked for a certain lord or kingdom. There is evidence though of some companies working for others for big events.

Today it is much more sophisticated of course. Personal chefs, hired staff, linens and small burners.

How you choose a catering company depends on just a few things.

1. Meet the owner

When you meet the owner you will right away find out if they are full of fluff or they know what they are talking about. They should have no problem showing their facility and how it operates. They should have samples and demonstrations. They should have a clean company grounds with well lit kitchens. If you find they are lacking in this area then I would check other ones out.

2. Check their reviews

Checking their reviews is a given as well. This will tell you all you need to know about all their previous clients. Make sure to note how recent the reviews are. If they are older than 3 months I would be wary because they may have stopped sending clients to their review platform because they have something to hide.

3. Price

We really want to stay in our budgets and splurge on that beautiful dress. Yet when it comes to eating, this is what everyone remembers and talks about for years after.

The price should be reasonable and in addition to glowing reviews will allow you to make that decision. The old saying, you get what you pay for rings true here. If you just want cheap food then just buy pre-made food at a grocery store and warm it up in the microwave.

It pays to get the best.

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Pest Control Trends

Pest Control and how it is changing the future

There is no question that the majority of people truly dislikes bugs of any nature inside their homes or lurking on their properties.

In the early days there wasn’t much that could be done chemically to rid homes of these pest. Borax was the leading method as well as mothballs.

Over time pesticides were invented primarily for farmers to help aid in producing bigger crops. Along the way as a side effect of this mass chemical spread it was realized that it was harming water sources, killing good bugs, animals and tainting the food we eat.

When it comes down to dollars and profit it means not much was done to curb the practice. Plus there was very little alternatives on the market.

Eventually smaller pest control companies began forming and serving local residential homes. Now the danger of contamination was right in our homes. This business became a booming industry. Naturally since no one likes bugs in their homes.

Another side effect was bugs resistance to the pesticide. Over several evolutionary cycles they were immune to the chemicals aimed at killing them.

With the onset of internet many began to be able to do their own pest control. Bait traps or even home made baits that would deter the small invaders.

Today we are now seeing a shift with better education and awareness of the harmful effects of pesticides.

Green solutions are now in big supply. Finding better alternatives to detering bugs from wanting to reside in your homes.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds. The bugs will continue to wage war for their very survival but it will be up to our larger brain capacities to develop ways to win the fight. Pest Control